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under the snow forest

About Us

Inquiries: 031-972-6438

"Forest under the Snow" is a Korean urban and public environment where the proportion of landscape is increasing.

Unconventional thinking, rational design, human-friendly design, and eco-friendly materials

It is a young design group that takes on the basics and challenges creatively.


"Forest under the Snow" creates creative works based on trust and honesty.

We will advance as a leader in environmental design.


creative design

not afraid of failure

challenging thinking


Produce the best products

no discomfort

Optimal system design


Design Background

Client Proposal Analysis

Feasibility Study

Required resource evaluation


Issue definition

Identify user needs

Establish a design theme

Risk analysis

concept meeting

Design motif setting

idea development

Identify space utilization and surrounding environment

design visualization


User Satisfaction Analysis

Efficiency analysis of used space

Field Work

Material inspection and product manufacturing

Delivery schedule management

Completion quality supervision and review

public facilities  Support for permit documents


3D, concrete visualization through mock-up

Confirmation of the final opinion of the client

Production approval drawing inspection and confirmation

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